Different websites hosting

Most hosting vendors’ websites offer many different kinds of hosting to satisfy customers with too many different needs. The most popular type of hosting is:

Hosting sharing

VPS Hosting

Cloud hosting

WordPress hosting

Dedicated to hosting server

How much of your website is bigger, the more servers you need, the less you start from a small hosting package, that is, sharing hosting from the website. When you are bigger, you can upgrade to a higher hosting type.

Website hosts usually provide various types of hosting fees for each package. For example, in hosting, sharing our hosting package with three packets of hosting is different.

1. What is Shared Hosting ?

Sharing website hosting is one of the most common and primary choices for small businesses and blogs. When you hear from “website hosting“, they usually share hosting. Hosting shared with friends, shared resources servers and other suppliers of hosting. Set up resources on the same server on your website using the same memory and processing power, disk space, yes.


Friendly people (no need to start new knowledge technology)

Server configuration ready

Easy to use control panel, user-friendly.

The server responsible for the management and operation of suppliers.


Some controls to configure servers.

Visiting different websites, increasing the mutation can inhibit your website.

2. What is VPS Hosting ?

VPS (virtual private network hosting Server) is a hosting that also uses the same server and other users. However, unlike friends who share Web hosts with hosting providers, they can share their friends on the partition of the server. This means G. In a single LAN server, the physical strength, memory, and microprocessor are only your own. In thure6nt trotting, VPS’s hosting is suitable for the development of medium-sized enterprises and websites.


Private server resources (not necessarily buying a server)

Access from other large websites will not affect the function of your website.

Root access to the server

Easy upgrade

The possibility of going up


More expensive shared hosting packages

Knowledge engineering and knowledge management server needed

3. What is hosting cloud ?

Cloud hosting is the most reliable solution in the market because it doesn’t seem to have downtime at all. Hosting and cloud providers, you have a server. Files and resources are allocated to the server. When you load or have any problems with the cloud server, your traffic will automatically switch to other servers and handle the cluster on the server.


Almost no downtime.

Server failure will not affect your website.

The distribution of resources depends on demand.

Calculate height usage (what payment do you use)?

More flexible extension capability VPS


It is difficult to manage costs.

Can not root

4. WordPress hosting

WordPress hosting is a shared hosting, designed to host its own website, WordPress. Your server configuring plug-ins and plug-ins installed on WordPress and website connections can be configured as caching plugin security reasons. The download speed and operation of your own website are no problem G Stop it. WordPress hosting usually has many functions related to WordPress as the design theme, WordPress builder releases itself and puts its own special tools. In particular, the WordPress optimally run the server, and the installation and operation process WordPress will be more effective in a WordPress hosting.


Low cost (usually it will value and share hosting).

Easy to use the new start

A good WordPress click Install

Good WordPress website function

Technical support team Cao Dalai solves problem-related WordPress

WordPress plugins and theme Installation Preparation


It is recommended to use the WordPress website (it can be a host problem, if you are on the server, all kinds of websites are not WordPress).

Specialized servers

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