Inside the 5 most important server systems in the world

5 systems host the most important personal data of users.
The digital era is growing constantly, each of us has at least one email account, or some personal archive, all of them are a form of cloud computing. Big technology firms have to spend tons to develop and operate a stable 24 / 24h server system to serve their customers in the perfect way. With this article, we will take a look at the 5 most famous names that store all the personal data of global Internet users.

1. Facebook, Prineville, Oregon

2. Google, Council Bluffs, Iowa

3. IBM Watson, Yorktown Heights, New York

Right next to us there is a machine called Barracuda, a fierce sea fish. With the theme of water, it is not strange that the main color scheme of the machine is blue. Also, the rad part of 480mm is also a remarkable point. This Donkey Kong style set will surely remind many people of an intense childhood. The Thermaltake Tower 900 case seems to be a very popular component for modding because of its large size and large glass design.

In the ASUS area, this The Ultimate Force style PC is extremely toned in orange tones. In addition to being sophisticated, this In Win H-Frame 2.0 case is also a product that many people crave because of the great price. The orange tone is another model based on the In Win D-Frame case, which reminds us of the block of the naked bike.

4. Interxion, East London

5. Microsoft, Dublin, Republic of Ireland

Microsoft server center in Ireland is where European and Middle Eastern users store information when using services such as Windows Azure, Windows Live and Xbox Live. Microsoft was very willing to play when it paid for the 303,000 square feet of land in the center of Dublin capital as a location for its data base. To serve this giant machine, a power supply with a capacity of up to 22 Megawatt is required. It is also a reception center that handles nearly 2.5 billion questions that users ask Bing to “consult” every month.

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