The parameters need to be known when buying VPS

When VPS buys any parameter you choose, it will depend on the price and VPS parameters. Parameters are all lines, some computer technology can make it easy for you to understand, because my people all know, because its own server is a computer, only it buffalo.

1. RAM

In the RAM memory of a computer, if you have more friends, the VPS RAM will be able to access data. The better you will be, because when you use VPS RAM, you need to deal with problems like PHP PHP code and software processing V. India’s output and input database MySQL, along with small applications, supports reading and writing data, so data is very important.

At present, most of the level of service VPS will allow you to choose from 512MB RAM  to 16GB (if you see any more VPS 16GB RAM is cloud VPS) and the website according to the number of visits is like a best friend, you need VPS. More or less RAM.

For demand WordPress, you need at least 1GB RAM, which can be used comfortably. If you already know, you can use VPS 512MB and optimally give him the ability to run and access. 5000 yuan/day, 100 users online at the same time.

However, there is a misuse of many people when using VPS to see oneself occupied RAM is usually very worried, which may be a good contrast, because Linux RAM, and will be used to save the cache to keep you moving forward. The server will be released when needed. RAM usually uses multitasking to help you faster, so you don’t have to worry about adding a new CPU.

2. Swap

Although most people do not use their own resources, swap also explains if you have any questions.

You must be a simple literal understanding of swap virtual memory to save old actions to process. If your memory (RAM overload full swap), she is a hard disk storage space, rather than an independent memory.

However, you can still do your own swap VPS, and I suggest that you create the server swap in order to achieve better performance.

3. Disk

To understand simple CD-ROM or hard disk (hard disk), storage space will be used to save the files and the installation files of the operating system to save the source code on your website.

The current disks are divided into two categories:

HDD (hard disk drive disk): it is one of the most popular friends used on computers for many years.

Solid state drive (solid state: solid state hard disk drive), or you can also hear that translation of Vietnam hard disk is a semiconductor, hard disk store data, but its faster access data type HDD reaches 300 times, which is impossible. Pass test carried out by theory, test the speed / S of HDD access driver, but only about 80mb solid-state hard disk has faster than 400MB / S and in some cases, it will be through azdigi VPS GB (for example, the speed of using RAID 10 should be It can be near 2GB / S.

VPS hard disk drives will be more expensive than HDD. However, companies also do not use hard disks, SSD, SSD as well, because many different technologies are used, for example, people can use hard disk impure (mixed solid state hard disk, SSDs, solid state hard disk cache) or solid state hard disk caching. G).

4. CPU Core

The core of the CPU is the core of CPU. A dedicated server, with a certain number of cores, will give you VPS. The higher the number is, the better the core data processing capability is.

5. Bandwidth/Transfer

The two words share a common sense of bandwidth. When did you buy the bandwidth, you already know it, but I still want to say traffic volume, which means that you can transmit data.

For example, you have a file that has 1GB VPS on the capacity to download one, you will lose the same bandwidth of 1GB, and a variety of image files, CSS, JS.

6. IP

IP (Internet Protocol), if carefully explain the concept, it is too long. Here, please delete the number of IP addresses, they will give you your IP address will be selected by the entire supplier to you randomly.

Usually, if you choose to purchase more different IP, IP blocks, they will be examples of the same kind: A and B / /.

This is the six basic parameter that needs to be known when you buy VPS, several parameters inside the swap supplier may not display the price, and there is IP, you will choose to purchase quantity needed on the order page.

7. cPanel, DirectAdmin hay Parallels Plesk ?

Although all three will not really be necessary, if you use VPS’s personal purpose, I will still explain clearly to you and know what you should choose.

All three are a web server control panel for VPS or a dedicated server. Its main function is to help you configure the web server to create small mainframe packages, or even allow you to sell host services.

Three web server control panel is a kind of cost, if you choose it, you will pay more VPS rent, the price from $8 to oscillation $15 a month. But there are also many free control panels, but I don’t think you need to know the time. You just need to grasp what the web server control panel is

8 Operating system CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian, Windows Server,…

When purchasing VPS they will ask you to use any operating system, this is an important issue that you should understand.

Most services offer VPS will support the operating system type the following:

CentOS (Linux)
Ubuntu (Linux)
Ubuntu (Linux)
Fedora (Linux)
Windows Server (Windows)

In particular, if you use WordPress in particular or PHP generally runs the website, choose the type of operating system Linux. You can choose CentOS or Ubuntu operating system because it is the two operating systems many users, you will find many articles instructions.

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