These connectors meet the photos on your PC, laptop, video card

What are HDMI, VGA, DisplayPort, and DVI? To understand these common images are connected to the computer.


The connection to the HDMI standard is a very popular device now, from a PC, laptop, TV…

You can have HDMI standard TV images and sounds at the same time on a pair of HDMI cables and high quality, to HDMI standard, you can bring the current image and resolution to 4K and 8 channel audio.

The distance to the HDMI standard signal can be transmitted at distances of 30 meters, the new company also produces and the UNITEK transmission length to the HDMI cable exceeds 70m.

In addition, you can see the number of rows on the HDMI standard for HDMI Mini C, Smart Phone, or BlackBerry Tablet, such as Q10, chip.

2. VGA

Standard connection is standard VGA signal analog common images appear on computers and televisions, laptop lines are used for old standards, the ability to connect signals is used, the 15 feet TV image resolution is high 2K V The stability is high.

With standard VGA cable, you can send photos to 100 yards away.

3. DVI

Today, the DVI standard is gradually replacing the standard VGA connection. You can see the standard connection DVI multi-screen picture on the card.

The DVI standard is divided into three categories: DVI –, D – DVI DVI and A…

DVI – A: used to transmit analog images with high resolution.

DVI – D: used to transmit digital and DVI – D ports, you can buy Xang to HDMI cable conversion without a separate converter.

DVI – me: two signals analog and digit.

4. Displayport

Like the connection to the HDMI standard and standard, DisplayPort can transmit voice and image simultaneously at a higher resolution than a standard capacity DisplayPort cable TV image compared to HDMI and frequency scans can be Hz to 200.

The advantage of DisplayPort’s superior is Carle’s output of HDMI to multiple screens (1920 x 1080 @ @ 60Hz 2560 x 1440 60Hz x 4 x 2). This advantage DisplayPort is suitable for player graphic design or large screen and high resolution.

In addition, you can see the mini DisplayPort specimen on the gate laptop ThinkPad or MacBook.

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