Unmanaged VPS and VPS Managed

When VPS rental is needed, you should know that you want to rent VPS supplier management VPS unmanaged VPS type or avoid these wrong ideas and deliberately frame them up.

In addition, when you look at the price, VPS services in some places are very expensive, and in some places, the prices are also very low, because of VPS unmanaged VPS or management.

1 What is management VPS?

VPS management is the form of service that provides the management of VPS additional services to customers. The management services here include installing/consulting VPS on all customer needs, as well as the best performance and safety VPS.

Usually, these management costs are very high, because VPS VPS management is not easy and few people are suitable, but VPS management skills need to use VPS.

Some suppliers do not include their value management framework. The VPS value is displayed outside, but there are some management service options VPS when ordering.

A typical VPS supplier management:



Media template

A2hosting VPS management


2 What is Unmanaged VPS?

This means that the unmanaged VPS VPS type does not include service management VPS to customers, they want to ensure that your VPS downtime or other reasons are from the main server.

Service, all work is like web server installation, configuration, installation of security software, are all your own. You are responsible for your own settings.

Unmanaged VPS will be very cheap at a low price, maybe two times the service and management VPS, but you should use it if you have VPS knowledge or at least understand it. If you follow the basic VPS Serie learning use, you should use unmanaged VPS freely to do what you like, and this kind of management VPS buys, you have not read this series:D.

A typical VPS unmanaged provider:

Digitalocean (cloud VPS)

Linode (cloud VPS)

A2hosting unmanaged VPS

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