What is a screen card?

1. What is a screen card?

The card is also part of desktop graphics card (VGA: English name is adaptor video graphics or video graphics card). There cannot be any computer in the world. The desktop image processing of the task card is displayed on the computer screen.

A card screen consists of two main components:

Graphics processor (Graphic GPU processing unit)

Graphics memory (video memory)

There are two basic display cards: card and card onboard leave.

What is the onboard card? How to distinguish?

The card onboard screen is fixedly connected with the GPU mainboard (motherboard) from the video RAM shared memory computer.

What card is leaving? How to distinguish?

Card GPU leaves the screen and the video memory is different.

The demand for replay games, using software to create graphics cards or movies, is an important choice for standard laptop computers.

Famous brands occupy most of the market, leaving the screen card is the ultra Wei semiconductor (ATI) is the ultra Wei semiconductor, was eliminated (more precisely in 2010 called super Wei semiconductor), so we also found the name in the Trow number. Ying Lao.

2. Experience choose laptop onboard card or leave.

Having a computer and a card onboard computer card will cause the other party to leave the considerable cost of the gap (more than 1 million). So you should consider choosing a computer card to leave the demand-based approach to save the cost ceiling.

Basic needs such as browsing websites, watching movies, listening to music, playing games, offices, and light truck onboard are enough.

Need to replay the game, using graphics software or montage, forcing you to buy a computer card to leave.

3. How to see if you leave with a card or onboard?

The easiest way is to see the logo on your own laptop connection, usually on your desktop (or card company Vivian super Wei semiconductor). If you do not have the ability to go to 96,69%, your computer is using the onboard card.

Another way is very simple (but only when you install a complete driver computer). This is the screen you want. Click the desktop option. If you have the NVIDIA (or super semiconductor or ATI) control panel, make sure your computer is leaving with the card. Otherwise, 96,69% is your computer using the onboard card.

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