What is Cloud Server ?

Cloud servers and virtual servers are deployed on cloud computing platforms and run on different physical servers. A specific cloud service allows you to quickly access a storage resource that is not limited to traditional environments, which is usually restricted to a physical server. The cost of cloud servers is due to node specifying the number of resource choices, including CPU, RAM, storage space and bandwidth for several months.

The advantages of cloud server are:

– high stability:

The biggest guarantee for cloud resources and cloud resources with huge base energy is that the server is always stable, and there is no blockage in the ready state.

– high speed:

The speed of the cloud server is to ensure the width of the transmission band. At present, the cloud server also provides additional software packages, good cable bandwidth, and special bandwidth, respectively. The user pays the fee according to the bandwidth usage and does not share it with anyone. Therefore, the speed of cloud servers is also increasing dramatically, even when many people use at the same time.

– easy to upgrade:

With a large number of resources and creating a series of cloud system servers, you should always be extra resources to ensure that upgrading is not only easy and fast. Anyone who requests upgrading CPU, RAM, IOPs or hard disk can respond immediately with some simple operations.

This is possible control and prevention of accidents:

More and more attacks have forced suppliers to improve their ability to prevent failures and ensure the safety of users. One of the measures is that most bosses are the largest application system resources and huge energy so that hackers can not destroy solid systems. In addition, provide more services, firewall software (WAF), better protect the user’s system.

– easy to manage:

This is an advantage that makes cloud servers attractive. Flat level management server managers are still low in Vietnam, so simplifying the operation of your job management server is necessary. In fact, V The cloud server is provided with an account together, and users can not know much about the server that the virtual server can still use a simple method and support technology. Most service providers support our customers.

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