What is RAM? When is RAM needed to upgrade computers?

What is RAM? RAM is one of the most important elements to help speed up your computer. When do you need to upgrade the computer’s RAM? I don’t know. Look here.

RAM is a parameter that you see when you hear a friend introduce a computer, personal computer, notebook computer. But do you know what RAM is? What mission does it do? Why is this important?

1. What is RAM?

RAM (Random Access abbreviated phrase memory) memory access data is random, different memory access to the CPU in turn. RAM can access an address without having to remember any sequential access method, which allows the CPU to read and write faster in RAM.

2. A notebook computer currently RAM

RAM’s laptop currently includes three kinds:




Detail bus bandwidth, speed, and RAM type of third pin voltage:

The RAM bus is the internal RAM of the data transmission bus of the size channel of RAM, the data flow of RAM is more and more big, more and more processing. At present, the RAM bus of the notebook computer is usually 1600 Mhz.

The parameters of RAM are clearly directed by manufacturers to RAM capacity, such as race, high-speed bus.

The parameters of the method are read and written in Tsing LAN.

The type, capacity, and speed of the parameter are directly in the RAM bus.

For example, the following photo can easily read the RAM parameter bar:

4 GB capacity:

Race: DDR3

Bus speed: 1600

Different types and speed, RAM writes to the bus.

Clear RAM and display race and PC3 instead of DDR3 bus bandwidth, not speed.

4 GB capacity:

Race: pc3l is ddr3l (PC = DDR).

Traffic (traffic, 12800s letters) – > bus speed: speed = 1600 bus bandwidth / 8 (a)]

3. Why upgrade the computer’s RAM?

You can see that all the software and games are getting heavier and heavier, with greater system resources when your computer is still the main component of the upgrade computer’s RAM, SSD, graphics card may be the best measure Instead of upgrading a new computer.

Increasing RAM capacity means reducing the number of CPU to drive data from hard disk drives. Computers need an amount of RAM to open for each application, more friends, more RAM usage.

4. How do I know when it’s time for you to upgrade your computer’s RAM?

With the RAM capacity of the computer from 4 GB or more, you can meet all the users’needs very well in high school, like computer surfing, listening to music, watching movies, using software and playing games, you are too heavy. If you need to use graphics software to design, want to play some games or heavy, 4 GB RAM cannot meet your needs.

You can check the performance of the task manager in some parameters – > memory by opening the task manager (press Ctrl + Alt + Del or click the taskbar on the options bar). If memory is often at level 75% >, it is time for you to upgrade RAM.

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