What is SSD? Quick understanding of pre-acquisition of SSDs

1. SSD, what is HDD?

HDD (abbreviated phrase hard disk drive hard disk) is the default when we buy a computer.

Solid state drives (abbreviated phrases, solid state hard drives) are the new generation of higher HDD. The data stored in the solid-state hard disk is flashing in the chip, which does not affect the data security of work and HDD splitting, and HDD is faster.

2. These changes can easily be found when HDD is replaced by SSDs.

The computer starts faster.

Faster startup software.

Save files and faster access data.

Cooler, no noise, impact resistance.

The function of computers has changed significantly.

3. When these restrictions are selected, solid state drives are used.

Price: the price of a solid-state hard disk is still very high in Vietnam. The price of a solid state drive is 60-64 GB 10 thousand US dollars.

The storage capacity is limited, the price is 10 thousand yuan, you can purchase a solid state hard disk capacity of 60-64 GB is enough to install Windows and software. You can choose to have solid-state hard disk storage capacity higher, the price is higher, which means H You can, however, use HDD old data to store Windows on solid state drives and software to use the ball to fly conversion. Another way to help solve this limitation is to use storage services, etc. Cline stores data.

Solid state hard disk durability HDD also less than a few years, so you can rest assured.

4. Branded solid state drives best?

At present, there are many big technologies involved in the market SanDisk Kingston, solid state hard disk, such as Intel, Samsung, Plextor… These are very famous brands, so you can have many choices.

At present, we are using solid state hard disk, Intel is very satisfied, in addition to Samsung, or Plextor SanDisk Kingston, these choices are not bad.

You can refer to more ideas and habits of people who use solid state hard drives to have the best choice.

5. Mobile data HDD to solid state hard disk

The semisolid hard drive will help you move data to the SSDs from HDD, so you don’t need to worry too much. Let professional people do things, not you.

I wish you a solid state drive.

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